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How It’s Different

FreeMonee is proving that merchants can drive retail purchases without discounting, brand-eroding daily deals, or other tired sales gimmicks.


What sets FreeMonee apart from other retail marketing programs?

With FreeMonee Gifts, businesses can reach huge audiences and still make their messages feel personalized to each recipient. We let customers feel appreciated. We give marketers confidence in the return on their advertising dollars. And we make everyone’s money go farther and work more efficiently.

Gift Underwriting Science

Our proprietary science gives us the ability to do something that absolutely no one else can—offer gifts of cash. It’s the power of our advanced data analytics that sets us apart, and allows us (only us) to put extraordinary power in the hands of marketers to do amazing things for their businesses.



Like any other gift, there’s no work involved in enjoying a FreeMonee Gift. Consumers just make a purchase with their credit or debit card and the gift is automatically credited to them from their bank. Retail marketers simply  choose parameters, set a budget and let FreeMonee’s science go to work.

It Actually Is a Gift

Gifts do extraordinary things: They open doors. They deepen connections. They show respect. There are no gimmicks, no catches, no strings attached. Giving gifts is simply a whole new way to build profitable and powerful relationships between people and the stores and restaurants they love.



Only FreeMonee delivers the numbers others claim. We not only give merchants confidence in their marketing efforts, we can bring about results that impact their business in immediate and important ways. We are 100% pay for performance, and every transaction is measured using an industry-standard test and control methodology.

THE RESULT: Multiple times the returns of traditional promotions without brand-eroding coupons or discounts.

Solving the Retail Marketer’s Dilemma


Learn about a new strategy that delivers customers, profitably.

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Precision incentives versus mass-market discounts

Unlike traditional coupons or daily deals, FreeMonee’s Gift Underwriting Engine brings precision to marketing by leveraging actual consumer spending data, and proprietary machine learning techniques.

These proprietary predictive analytics enable one-to-one matching of FreeMonee Gifts to each cardholder, maximizing the return on advertising spend.

Privacy by design

FreeMonee was created using the privacy-by-design principle that is based on the belief that consumer privacy should be completely protected and designed into the product.

Our financial institution partners are uniquely positioned to deliver FreeMonee Gifts to consumers without exposing any personal information to third parties. Neither FreeMonee nor participating merchants ever have access to any personal information. All communication is delivered and controlled by the financial institutions, and FreeMonee never has a need to receive or view personal information. The end result is that FreeMonee allows consumers to receive relevant and exciting gifts without sacrificing their privacy.